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How I Turned
My Disney Vacation into a
Work From Home Business

It is no secret that my Disney vacation experiences have shaped this website. But despite what it seems, I don’t spend my life nor every one of my vacations in Orlando, Florida.

Having traveled to many different destinations with my husband and four children, I have found that a Disney vacation in Orlando is one of my favorites.

However, through speaking to other people I have learned (imagine my surprise!) that many others do not share my favorable opinion. This is such a shame - because Disney has so much to offer people of all ages.

Over and over again, I hear grumblings about crowds, heat, cost, tired children, and generally feeling worn out even after the vacation. Been there, done that. But, in all honesty, it does not have to be that way. Trying to do too much in too short of a time is usually the culprit.

So, with steely determination, I have continued to visit Walt Disney World to try and build the ideal vacation. And my last trip to Orlando was my best one ever!

Disney Vacations should be about
Creating Good Memories

Hi - I am Neena. People that know me will vouch that I am an extremely practical (or shall we say sensible) person. I created this website to share some of the nuggets of information that I came about the hard way - through my Disney vacation experiences.

Why bother with a website? Let’s just say that I am a stay at home work from home mom that likes to travel. Unfortunately, vacations are not free. To fund my passion, I needed to find work that I could do from home in my “spare” time. Work that still left me plenty of time to manage and enjoy my family.

In my life before kids I was an accountant. But I have always wanted to have my own business. An internet business was very appealing because of low start up costs and the flexible schedule. But I don’t have a background in programming or computers. So, I started dabbling around with blogs and wasted almost a year trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But the bright side was that I learned a lot about what doesn’t work.

Quite by accident I came across a company called Site Build It (also known as SBI). Of course I had to check it out thoroughly by reading all of their training materials and as many SBI reviews as I could find on the web.

What I found is that the key component of Site Build It is passion - passion for the subject and passion for success. No experience required and lots of hard work necessary (what successful business doesn’t require elbow grease?). SBI is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Rather, they provide the technical tools and training needed to build a thriving website. This was perfect for me because there is so much stuff behind the scenes - keyword research, search engine optimizing, monetizing, and even coding that I knew nothing about. SBI handles a lot of the leg work and their tutorials guide me through areas that I am not familiar with.

The bottom line is that I took the plunge and this website about my Disney vacation experiences was born.

Here is a little video tour of Site Build It for those who are interested:

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