Disney Vacation Club Members Have More Fun!

Ok, I know, this is not entirely true. But the Disney Vacation Club members definitely have one up on the guests of the Disney resorts. After all membership (or, in this case - ownership) has it’s perks.

I am not a Disney Vacation Club owner, but I have to say that I am tempted. I love all of the benefits of staying at the Disney hotels and would totally enjoy the added benefit of greater flexibility - which in my opinion is the biggest perk that Disney Vacation Club members enjoy.

Not Your Typical Timeshare

Unlike a typical time share, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members are not tied down to one specific Disney resort for their vacations each year. They have the choice of staying at the resort where they purchased their points in the Walt Disney World Vacation Club or at one of the other DVC properties. The only difference is how far in advance they can book their trip. Booking at the "home" resort can be done earlier than at a different resort. In fact, members can choose from one of the many DVC resorts in Orlando, the Disney Cruise Line, or one of five hundred other spots throughout the world.

As much as I love Mickey Mouse, my time and money are limited - and there are many other places in the world that I would like to see besides Orlando Florida. So this option is very appealing.

Also different from a traditional timeshare, DVC members do not have to vacation during the same week every year or even every year for that matter.

It all comes down to points. An extremely simplified explanation is that when buying into the program prospective owners purchase a set number of points. A certain size of accommodation is a set amount of points and each season is a certain amount of points - with higher demand times costing more points. Points that are not used in one year can be carried to the next and future points can also be borrowed against.

Becoming a Disney Vacation Club member is definitely worth considering.

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