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Use Disney Coloring Pages to Get the Kids Psyched!

Disney coloring pages are a great way to get the kids psyched for the trip - as if the mere thought of an Orlando vacation isn't enough motivation.

But really, younger kids - especially, cannot grasp the idea of what Walt Disney World is all about. One way of making the Magic Kingdom come to life is by using princess coloring pages, nemo coloring pages, or activities that feature the various Disney characters.

Building this familiarity is important with the younger set for a few reasons.

  • First - they will obviously encounter the characters in life size form when they arrive at Disney World. Some children are kinda scared of these huge costumed wonders - and rightfully so! But it is a bit of a bummer if a kid bursts into tears every time they encounter such an individual. That would spell a loooong vacation for all of the wrong reasons.
  • The second reason is the memories. Disney vacations are expensive, no doubt. And small children have short memories. This is one trip that parents want the kids to remember and think fondly of for years to come. If the kids are well acquainted with the characters before their arrival in central Florida then every experience will have more of a long term impact.
  • And finally, Disney coloring pages are a great activity for the long ride or flight into Orlando.

So where exactly can one find these activity sheets?

Click here for a partial list of what Amazon.com has to offer for both boys and girls and kids of all ages. These are inexpensive and convenient options and the best way to find exactly the right thing.

Free Disney coloring pages can also be found on the web. Printable princess coloring pages can be found at Crayola and Coloring Book has a huge selection of Cinderella pages to choose from. Nemo coloring pages are very popular as well and Educational Coloring Pages has a small collection of these to print out.

We must remember that us grown ups have known the Disney characters all our lives, but our kids are little and these works of fiction are strangers to them. Using, coloring pages or Disney movies, are a few among many ways to make the introduction.

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